About Us


Planet Girlworld was created as a safe alternative to social media sites like Facebook, with their censorship, ‘real name’ policies, and member vs.member reporting. We are an LGBT friendly site and do not mind if you use your real photos or “reasonable facsimiles”, your imagination is your limit.  We are also an adult site where BDSM and D/s are welcome expressions. We do not encourage multiple member accounts, so the paranoia of the Facebook play scene is not present here. We are at once a place for real women and/or role-players alike: the bottom line is we celebrate all things female. We also value our members’ privacy and strive to be discreet and trustworthy. We understand the need for discretion, and in the case of your fantasies, we hope to never spoil the fun. At the heart of PGW are the D/s family known as The Sophias. If you should see a member of our family, don’t hesitate to ask for more information, we are a friendly bunch.

Feel free to join any of the groups we have here already, or create your own. We have a main chatroom with its own mobile applet, and some of our groups have their own chatrooms as well. You can chat, Instant message, or even group-chat at your leisure. You can design your own profile, add cover photos, or post media, including photos, music, and videos. You can comment, like, and reply to any media or posts. We also have forums within the groups for discussion on  any range of topics.


1. Common Courtesy: Show respect for every member. Treat those how you would like to be treated. In any public chatroom, if a member of the admin team is addressing the group, please do not interrupt under any circumstances.

2.  Religion/Politics: No overtly religious/political discussions on PGW which may result in drama. This rule especially applies to our public chatrooms!

3. D/s in public: While there is a strong tendency toward Dominance and submission, the site is not limited to, nor about that. People in the main chatroom are not expected nor required to address other members with D/s etiquette. This is something that is pre-arranged between members who happen to observe D/s. Additionally, there is to be no attending of Dommes by subs in the public chat. There is a D/s chatroom specifically dedicated to such activities. Please use that room to indulge in D/s behavior. With all that being said it is ok to quietly kneel beside your domme while in the main chatroom to show your respect towards your Owner while she is present in the room.

4. Relationships: Before taking a sub or a girlfriend, communicate with anyone who might be affected. For example, the last person who previously owned the sub/last girlfriend.

5. Welcoming New Members: It is our hope that PGW members will invite new, as well as welcoming new members. However we ask that you try to avoid jumping on a new person and overwhelming them. Be friendly but cordial, and allow the person who introduced them to the site to acclimate them.

6. Personal Attacks: Personal attacks will be met with a Chat Ban. Take personal arguments private.

7. Public Play: Playing in Main Chat is fun as long as it doesn’t disrupt more important happenings, such as public ceremonies or an admin speaking to the membership.

8. Anticipate Public Chat: In the Main Chatroom, the flow of chat should be anticipated by anyone newly entering the room. It is suggested members introduce themselves upon arrival merely by addressing the group rather than each individual member. For example: “Hey everyone!” or simply just say hello. Please don’t feel ignored if you have not introduced yourself, sometimes its difficult for members to see who has newly entered the chatroom.

9. Chat Bans/Formal Bans: Show respect for site admins and chat moderators. Admins are noted by their names being in bold font. Chat moderators will be present in the chatrooms, and have the power to issue a chat ban, which can temporarily or permanently disable your site chat privileges.  Members who argue with or exhibit abusive behavior toward an Admin/Moderator may be banned from the site. Additionally, any member who either blocks, unfriends/deletes, or otherwise attempts to “hide” from the site founders on other social media platforms, may be banned here. Any member who makes the admin team feel less than comfortable, this is our house, our hard work, and memberships can be terminated at our discretion. This place was set up to be a safe place and we are selective. Members who break the rules may be subject to a temporary chat ban. While the length of bans are at the discretion of the Admin Staff, generally first infringement will result in a 24 hour Chat Ban; Second infringement will result in 48 hours, so on and so forth. A Chat Ban means the member can continue using the site but will be prevented from engaging in chat. If a member continues to infringe, a Formal Ban will be imposed, which means the member will lose profile details as well as losing group memberships. The only way to have a Formal Ban removed is via appeal to the Admin Staff.  If you receive a Chat Ban or Formal Ban, there will be no discussions, arguments, debates, or anything that may detract from site activity. You will be simply kicked from chat privileges, followed by a brief explanation of the infringement and penalty length. The Site founders, Cathy and Emerald, will no longer be getting involved in chat arguments or petty squabbles. The community, in the form of moderators, will govern itself accordingly.

10. One Account Per Member: Each member is limited to one account only. PGW does not encourage multiple accounts. If you are found to have a second account, members will be given the chance to choose one and the other will be deleted. * Also, we do require all members to please refrain from using proxy or private IPs. The reason is to safeguard against multiple account users.

11. Site Security: PGW reserves the rights to conduct security as we see fit. We will not share members’ private information with other members, regardless of status or tenure on the site. The Admins of PGW do not have access to chat logs nor site mail. However, if needed to research for security or community disturbance reasons, be so advised that we reserve the right to take control of your account by changing your password (in which case you will receive notification via email), and conduct investigations as we see fit.

12. Please Help Us Support PGW: PGW is an independent site and community, in a difficult building process, competing with huge networks like Facebook, so we do not appreciate members who try to persuade them to leave and chat elsewhere. This may result in a Formal Ban. We also appreciate occasional donations which can be made anonymously here.

13. Tech Support: If you have a support issue, be it technical or personal, please use the Support Page and we will get to your concern as soon as possible. Admins and Moderators are busy people, so please do not flag them down to help you with things, as there is no way to tell if they are busy, relaxing, or otherwise unavailable. Other tech issues may be covered already in the Tutorials Section.

14. Mental Illness: PGW staff takes mental illness seriously. While we understand some members may have psychological issues, if the consensus of the admin staff is that a member is triggering others, and perhaps interfering with the general tone of the PGW community, we recommend the member take a break, and seek real/life counseling or help. PGW is not qualified to advise nor counsel members with mental illnesses be they large or small. In this case we may decide to temporarily ask a member to take time away and/or ban them until we feel they are able to handle this environment.

15. Fatigue/Stress: PGW is just a website and social network like any other you may enjoy membership in. If you are stressed out or upset, we suggest you just log out, take a break, and come back when you feel ready. There is no necessity of deletion of accounts, etc. Any member who comes to the admin team threatening to leave PGW will receive an instant ban. We do not negotiate with emotional terrorists.

16. Chatrooms: On PGW we have 5 chatrooms. Public rooms are publically accessable via the Chat sidebar or PGW Lobby. Group-based versions, or “embedded/full-page” versions of the same chatrooms are linkable via the site menu, under chatrooms.  The Main Chatroom is for general public, introductions and conversation. D/s scening or play is allowed but not expected nor to be emphasized.

17. Avatars: Using photos of models may naturally occur in this community, and we understand some members wishing to remain anonymous. However we ask all members one favor; please don’t use the photos AND the real names of said models on PGW. This has, and will send a red flag to the actual models, which causes us trouble. Using the real names of models as yourself here is grounds for banning.

18. PGW Discord Server: Members who are active on PGW may be invited to join our Discord Server. Regular attendance here is mandatory for you to be invited, and lack thereof may cause you to be removed. Our discord server is meant to be an alternative way to stay in touch when not able to be on site, not as a replacement for our site.