As I have talked about before, PGW needs some improvements and I have been diligently working on some goals to make out home better. First and foremost, it’s time for us to move to a better, faster server that can accommodate the traffic and space we need to properly function. This means a slight increase in our biannual costs, and I have been waiting until it was time to pay the normal bill, which is always May 12th. So, ladies, some of you have already helped out for this bill, and we are already at $210 thus far, which is appreciated but we have to make the $600 goal by then. So, I am asking all of you please help me be able to pay this server bill. It will mean so much to your experience here, and then I can get to work on all the new enhancements and improvements we so badly need here! Anything helps, be it $5 or whatever. You can use our donation page here. if you do not have paypal or know how to create one, you can also send a donation via Amazon Gift Card (US only) to [email protected]. We really need everyone to pitch in this time, whatever you can afford. Then we can relax and get to work!

Thank you ALL so much for being part of this move!


Cathy Sophia, Team Panda 🐼

  1. Princess Kayla Sophia 5 months ago

    Sounds like great improvement to come

  2. Yes Goddess, I totally agree with you it’s time to move to a better and faster server

  3. Exciting and thank you for making our home the best it can be

  4. Kat S. (LM) 5 months ago

    That’s awesome

  5. Eri Natalia Sophia 5 months ago

    thats great Cathy kiss

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