(The following are current/recent members’ reviews about what PlanetGirlWorld.Com is like)

I have had a lovely time since joining the site. I have met quite a few new people whom I never would have imagined meeting. PGW is a wondrous place and anyone claiming there is blackmail, kink shaming, or other bullshit like that, is out of their mind. I’ve never once been blackmailed myself nor have I seen anyone else treated as such. The site is 100% free to use and access, whereas for many other similar sites have you pay $50 or more just to be able to chat

Cynthia C.

I have been a member of PGW for just over four years, and I consider it my online home.  From the first day I registered, people greeted me, made me feel welcome, and offered assistance as I learned how to navigate the site and learn the site rules.  As I became more familiar with the site, I loved it even more.  I got to know some of the others and made some very good friends.  PGW is a terrific place to interact with other ladies and enjoy friends.  Yes, there are some that do underhanded things, but those people should just leave.  They spoil it for those of us that love the friendships and interactions we have on PGW.  I have been on other social media sites: facebook, trillian, and so forth, and never did I feel as happy and at home as when I joined PGW.  Yes, there are site rules, but rules help to maintain order and keep things fun, safe, and enjoyable for all.  There is no other place I would want to be, other than with my friends on PGW. Thanks to Cathy for all she does and for giving us such an amazing place to enjoy.

Ashleigh N.

PGW has been a wonderful place for fun and friends. Cathy has been nothing but awesome to me all the time. I met, and have, the most wonderful Domme, Miss Lexi and some awesome friends. Sometimes with my life I’m M.I.A. for a few days but it’s never a problem. I’m very happy here. I want to thank Cathy for inviting me from Yahoo. Thank you all!

Kat S.

PGW is my online home. Cathy has created it, maintains and funds it. It’s an amazing site, which is community-driven. There is something there for everyone. You can be involved in as much or as little as you want to. I have been a member since PlanetGirlWorld was just a single chatroom with a white background and I have had the honor of watching it evolve over the years. I have never once felt threatened or insecure; in fact it’s the opposite. i feel very safe on PGW. I have felt fortunate to be part of this community and have a multitude of friends. I have had personal real-life issues and it’s very special to be able to log on and have a friend who will talk to you and not have to feel alone. It is a wonderful place to be with so much of the internet being a cesspool.

Sam M.

PGW is not just any other social media platform, it’s much more.  It’s a fantasy playground where you can decide how immersive you want to be.  Want to jump all the way in? There’s room for that. Want to peek in and observe how things work for a while? There’s room for that.  Want to make new friends?There’s room for that.  Want to find your next online relationship? There’s even room for that too.  It’s also a community of mostly like-minded individuals coming together to help build something bigger.  But mostly, it’s…a family.  Many people come online to escape SOMEthing in their real lives.  Coming to PGW day after day, you really get to know this “online family” better.  You learn who you can talk to about almost anything you could think of; movies, music, turn-ons, goals and aspirations, hobbies, needs and desires.  With any “online family” comes ups and downs which (surprise), are similar to real family issues. There’s happiness/sadness, encouraging/bickering, laughter/tears, BUT…in the end it’s how we work together to get passed all that. The end goal = a safe place online to forget the stresses of real life for however long we need.  If the issue can not be worked out, it is NOT PGW’s fault. It’s NOT Cathy’s fault. Sometimes we need to look within ourselves to find fault, not point the finger everywhere or anywhere else.  I’m happy to say I’ve found friends, love and sisters here.  Just like in real life, you don’t have to like everyone, but you do need to find ways to co-exist.

Laura L.

PGW is my home, my family. It’s the place I feel safe, it’s the place where I embrace my fantasies and make many friends. It’s the place where I am accepted for my Arab origins without feeling bullied, I really feel its my online home.

Sofia O.

I’ve been a member of PGW for way over 6 years now. Before I joined, I was on Facebook and I will just put it this way, if PGW wasn’t introduced to me then I probably would have lost interest in anything online and My name would only be spoken about only in memory. PGW is my home and I’m proud to tell anyone that. It’s a site full of real friends and family. It’s an actual community and all we want to do is enjoy ourselves and have fun. It’s really that simple. There are rumours about the site but if the rumours are so true, then there wouldn’t even be a community and a family that come on every single day on this site. Every site, every community has someone on the outside that will say bad stuff about this or that place. No one can control that and it’s just the way it goes. All I would suggest is to sign up and experience it yourself and I guarantee all the rumours and bad stuff you have heard would be put to bed straight away and you will see our real intent, which is nothing bad at all. I love PGW and it’s my online home. I’ve met some of the best people online at this place and I know I’m going to spend many more years with these people and on this site. And I would love it if new people would join up and be apart of this amazing community. 

Emma G.

I have been on PGW for a long time. It is a wonderful place and it’s better than other places out there. I call it my home. But it is more than that; it’s a place that about is friendship and meeting new people and is about love. Cathy is the creator of this amazing, wonderful place. Everyone should have a place to feel safe. It is a great community and fun. I love it there. It’s not just a site to most, but it’s their home, where you can come and relax and have fun. Cathy has done so much for me and others and she has worked so hard. You will find amazing people here and make great friends. It is a more fun and amazing place than anywhere. You will find the happiness you seek, and hopefully you call it your home like most do. It is amazing feeling of belonging to a wonderful community as members and family. Everyone here is supportive and are very welcoming.

Angel B.

PGW is my home away from home. I’ve made many great friendships here. Cathy and everyone here have always treated me with love and respect. It’s nice to have an online place, free of stalkers and freaks that you get on other sites. PGW promotes a community atmosphere. We are family!

Lexi M.

I have known Cathy for many years and she has always been a great friend to me. I am so blessed she invited me to the site and made me feel welcome and safe to be myself.

Jen S.

PGW is my home. It is my safe haven. I feel safe here and feel the love from other members of our community. We are one large family and I don’t need or want to be anywhere else.

Sammi A.

I have been on PGW from the start. There is no place like it. It’s my home but is more than just that is a place that is about love and friendship. Cathy created this place so everyone can have a place they can be safe and contribute to the community. I love it here; this is not only my home but is where I belong! Cathy has given me so much more than I can ever say. There is no other place that gives you what you will find here: the love, the happiness, and the feeling of belonging to a community as members, as family, as friends. I know I will always be here.

Beth L.

Ok where do i start? I have been with the site since it was made by Cathy and Emerald. I think you cannot judge a place without knowing what it is, and it’s a community and a supportive place where you can chat, play, experience some D/s interactions, and there is a lot more. I have never seen a place like this, and i have supported it since 2014 alongside Cathy. There is a lot that can be said, but most important is all the fun times we have, such as chats in our public chatroom. Basically stated, there is A LOT for everyone! The most important thing is that the friendships you make there are for life, and trust me when i say it is a real SAFE PLACE! You can be whatever you want without any judgement or stress, not to mention it’s FREE and fully funded by Cathy who does not ask for anything! SHE funds the site so all of us can feel safe and happy. There is no place like PGW, nor will it ever be!

Ana S.

I love PGW. I have supported it for the years I have been there. I stay loyal to Cathy and the site. It is my home, my family and Ilove being a part of this awesome site!

Steffie R.

PGW is my home. It’s been my home since in was founded by Cathy and Emerald. This is my family. I’ve been a member OF a few other sites, but they weren’t at ALL like PGW. What Cathy created here, for me, started on dreaded Facebook. I’ve been very happy for the most part. I’ve made a lot of good friends; the two most important are, of course, Cathy, and my online girlfriend, Jennifer. Cathy introduced us and “matchmade” us four years ago. I don’t know what I’d do without either of them.! PGW is warm, comforting, fun, and crazy. It’s alive! It’s not like any other site that I’ve ever been a member of, be it Facebook, Ning, Multiply, Yahoo…etc. It’s so much better! It’s a place to go to if you want to have fun, to forget the real world for a while and be safe. Cathy is dedicated to giving us the best and suffice it to say, she has succeeded!

Natalie S.

PGW is the only safe space for the kind of fun you are looking for. Backstabbers can (and do!) rotate multiple accounts on Trillian, FCF, and Discord, just like they used to do on Facebook and Yahoo before that. But Cathy & Emerald have built PGW to be a safe place where each person has the privacy to have fun with other members and also be part of a community and family. In all the years I’ve been online I’ve never known anyone as helpful, insightful, fun, or forgiving as Cathy. PGW is hands-down, better than any other place, and is the only true escape from the carousel of insanity that is all the other platforms. Join if you want to get with the best!

Candi R.

PGW is a home. It’s a family. But with any family, you are loved, you are cared for, you learn to help your family, ‘cause your family will help you. This is the culture Goddess Cathy has created. You can’t ask for more.

Kayla M.

I was looking for a safe and comfortable online home for many years. First Yahoo, then Facebook, then Trillian and none of them measure up the atmosphere of love and fun that PGW brings. Cathy is the most generous host and loves and cares for all members and their interests. She works with people often to solve their problem or make them feel welcome, or help them have fun here. I love it here and would recommend it for anyone who is sick of the BS from other sites and really wants a close knit community. Thank you Cathy, love it here!!!

Kari W.

I was brought to PGW via a friend, and through my ups and downs with people here of my own doing of course, I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with great people. Some I have come to consider my online sisters, and others have become great friends. I had been to different sites, but nothing compares to PGW. Everyone here has become family to me and I wouldn’t choose another place over PGW.

Ariana R.

PGW has become an integral part of my life, a place where I can go and be among like-minded friends. It’s a solid community with many avenues of interest to explore and many new friends to be made. This place has provided a sanctum, a warm and safe environment for ladies of different walks of life to come together to create something wonderful.

Lauren T.

PGW is the one site I have always come back to. No matter the struggles in my life I always find myself coming back to the people that accept me for me. Cathy you have been the leader of that mentality and in todays world that is rare.

Luci B.

I have been on and off PGW for roughly 10 years now and carry a few long lasting friendships during this time. PGW is a safe, and fun place to connect with similar-minded people around the world. Thank You for caring for us, Goddess.

Kirsten A.

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