PGW 2.0 is live!

After so much rumor and many announcements, the naysayers have been finally put to shame, as PGW. 2.0 is now here. I told everyone there would be a new shift toward a more amicable culture here, and we did it. I told you we would have a new chat application and we now have it installed and functional. I told you the site would be totally revamped and it is. I am very happy to announce that our new sandbox is now here and ready for you all to play and have fun. Everything works way better than it ever did before, so don’t hesitate, tell all your friends to come back to Planet Girl World and make it your home again!

The next step is doing some marketing and recruiting; bringing lots of new faces here, to our all-female version of Facebook. Tell a friend! Ain’t no stopping us now!

While PGW is functioning now and most of the new features are installed and most of the basic designing is ready, there will be quite a few more tweaks and changes, so stay tuned. On the downside, we had to let go of all our old media, ie: old photos and videos you guys may have posted in the past. Lots of old posts, polls and discussions may have been lost, but its time to forget the past and make new memories, which is what PGW 2.0 is all about!

One thing to note: from a slight glitch in the migration process, we lost the height listing in member profiles, so would you all kindly fill in your heights by editing the about section of your personal profile on the site? * Any issues or difficulties please leave a comment here and we will get on it ASAP! Thanks!

See you on the site,


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@peepso_user_783(Cynthia Cruise (GC))
Such an amazing upgrade! Can’t sis tot enjoy it with everyone else
@peepso_user_1042(Bethie Nyoko Electa {GC}❄️)
I love it amazing job love it ❄️🩸