Hi Ladies!

It’s Cathy again, owner of PlanetGirlWorld.com with another new feature on our site.

New Feature: Polls!

After our last newsletter, some members asked about the ability to leave some feedback, and I decided to research a great new feature, which I then implemented:

PGW Polls
For our very first membership Poll, we posted a question for all members with regard to the Public Chatroom (Main Chat). There has been for some time, an element of D/s displayed in the chatroom with regard to the attendance of subs to their Dommes, as well as some basic D/s protocol, like addressing Dominants as Miss, or Goddess. Well, as we know, some members may feel uncomfortable with D/s in the Main Chat so we really want to gauge the site opinions as to whether to keep it like it is, or perhaps move the D/s element to other rooms like the Cage or the Sophia Family Room. Please take the Poll, which you can view here! 


Official Site Posts

Now that I have your attention about the new poll feature, did you ever notice a section in the site menu called Official Site Posts? We have not been using it much, but we will be using it more, to post these newsletters on the site, as well, as blog stories and other content that pertains to the site. It’s listed in the main menu of PGW and here is the link if you wanna check some of our past posts!

More polls and posts will follow soon enough!


Love and snowflakes,

Cathy Sophia xoxo

Team Panda, PGW



  1. Kayla Martin 4 years ago

    I love the idea of polls… and it is very good way for us to become a better community

  2. Laura Kaida Carlson 4 years ago

    I love this. The newsletter, the polls, all of it. You are working so hard to really bring us A/all together as a cohesive community, and I am so thrilled about it! I am so proud to be a part of PGW, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  3. all of the improvements and new features are gterrific.. ty to cathy and emerald as always for macing this fantastic place for us.

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