Sophia Family Rules (2022)

These are meant to help our growing friends and family know what is expected in our Main and Family Chatrooms. Our Main Chatroom consists of a mix of both Family and Friends who may also be consideration for being added to the Sophia Family, so keep that in mind!

Chatroom Etiquette

1. The Main Chatroom is not officially a D/s room but certain aspects of D/s between family members must be followed, like titles. However it’s also important to note that W/we as a D/s family do not necessarily want to impose D/s culture on every member of the site. Please be sensitive and aware that not all members will be required to follow D/s protocols. Let’s approach the Main Chat as a portal to welcome new people. No attending or heavy D/s is allowed, but our normal family titles must be maintained. All family submissives must always use the proper titles when addressing any and all Dominants, Family or otherwise.

2. Entering Family Chat: Like the Main Chat, simply introduce yourself upon arrival. No more waiting to be welcomed, as it caused too many issues.  Upon entering the family chat room, first observe what’s going on. Family members that are not a Goddess should refrain from immediately saying hello. The reason for this is that if there is a discussion going on, or a “scene” taking place, a ceremony going on, a Goddess addressing the group, or things along this nature it might cause that topic to be flooded by general greetings. Once there is an adequate break in chat, you may say hello, by greeting everyone at once, for example: “Hello everyone!”

3. Attending a Dominant: All Family Dominants should be attended to (in Family Chat); specifically, subs should make sure every Dominant has the option to have at least one submissive at Her feet to keep her company on a very basic level. This does not necessarily mean touching. No Dominant should be ignored or left unattended when in the chat. If a sub’s owner is present, it’s expected that the sub will first ASK her owner permission before attending to another family Dominant. (Only Supreme Goddess’ slave or collared subs are excused from attending Dommes in public.) Please don’t litter the chatroom with “do you need anything?” Just sit at the Dommes’ feet in attendance.  When a family Dominant happens to be addressed, they should be shown respect for their position. Example: “Hi Goddess Cathy, so happy to see you!” or, “Bye Goddess have a lovely night”, are a few simple examples. D/s capitalization and titles should be observed. When as submissive needs to leave the site or chat, she should ask permission of her Dominant. If her Dominant is not there, it’s not needed. Example: “Permission to go, Mistress?”

4. Serving a Dominant: If you wish to do in service of a Dominant, you should ask before assuming their physical touch is allowed or even wanted. (other than sitting in attendance in chat). 

5. Pause Chat for Dominants: When a family Dominant enters the room, they should be given a moment to speak and take lead of the chat over any sub’s who are currently present. It is rude for sub’s to continue chatting as if nothing special has happened when a family Dominant enters the chat.

6. Side-barring a Dominant: If you wish to sidebar (private message) a Dominant who is actively engaged in chat, you should ask permission in the room first. If the Dominant does not seem actively busy in chat, asking to sidebar is not needed, just say hi.

7. Dominants addressing the group: If a family Dominant asks someone a question they should be given time to answer the question and not have everyone else chatting in the midst, causing the question asked to even move off of the chat.

General Rules

1. Respect and common courtesy should be shown to all members of our family, and most importantly to Supreme Goddess Cathy as She is the founder of both the site and family.

2. Membership in the Sophia Family is a privilege not a right. Members are expected to maintain a D/s relationship if they are committed to one, and to stay active on the site. If you cease to be active on the site, you can expect to be removed from the family until we hear from you.

3. As a member of the Sophia Family, you are held to a higher standard of conduct than regular members of the site, and should carry yourselves accordingly.

4. Sophia Family membership means that PGW is your home. Excessive use of other social media networks, while avoiding the site, may elicit dismissal from the family. Collars, relationships formed on here are to be universally honored, as far as online realms.

5. Absolutely no site members should be invited to the Family Group unless admitted to our ranks first. The process of admission to this family begins and ends with the approval of Goddess Cathy alone. (site member “invite requests” must not be approved until reviewed by Goddess Cathy!)

6. Interpersonal issues: If a member has a personal problem with a family member, it is expected that problem would be addressed in a private manner with that person, and resolved that way. If this remains unresolved, then a sub’s issue should then be taken to their owner. Non-sub or independent family members can speak with Assistant Goddess PK. The main principle here is to deal directly with the person, rather than talking behind backs.

7. Family Membership: If you are confused as to who is in a relationship with whom, or who is a Dominant or submissive, we have a list located here.

8. Private issues: Having a chat, argument, sex, etc. with a girlfriend or significant other is never an excuse to not at least say hello in the room. Members are encouraged to be attentive in the chatroom, if they cannot be, they should explain or ask to be excused.

9. Making mistakes: Everyone makes a mistake, but O/our family embraces honesty. Members are encouraged to come clean and be humble, rather than cling to false pride or a lie one has told. Honesty will usually be met with forgiveness anyway, rather than the damage an extended lie, or hanging onto ridiculous excuses can bring about. Let’s all work to be transparent as we can with one another. Be direct and honest with your sisters, this is our policy always. (Besides, Goddess Cathy has an uncanny way of detecting lies and uncovering truths, for those who don’t already know this!)

10. Punishment for repeatedly not following these rules may be removal from the Chat or Family Group as determined by owner, Family Founders, or Assistant or Supreme Goddess of the family. Arguments and lectures have now been replaced by swift action! Discipline will take the form of action, not words! Issues that end up on Supreme Goddess Cathy’s lap that ought to have been solved before that point, will likely end up in swift disciplinary action.

11. The Goddess title: A family dominant can earn the “Goddess” title, once She has built what is defined as a “house” within our family. * A House is defined as a stable with at least 3 active, committed submissives, or a Beta and Submissive, who operate under the Dominant. In addition to Her ability to effectively maintain a House, a Goddess must also show that She can become a positive addition to the Sophia Family in terms of helping with the sustenance of O/our daily operations as a Family. Goddesses must maintain an active monthly presence in one of the public groups/chats. Goddesses must also maintain their own house rules with their own rules page in this group. As W/we have more Dominants than submissives, each house should have a “Beta” which is either a Dominant or Strong Submissive who can help maintain the house. *From now on the title must be approved by Supreme Goddess Cathy.

12. Members of our family will at some juncture wish to earn the “Sophia” surname, which is an honor bestowed for hard work and good and consistent service to the Family as a whole. Example: taking on a role because it’s needed by the group, not for your own individual personal preference. Members must petition Assistant Goddess PK, who acts as the keeper of the name. Once approved to receive the name,  the family member desiring the name will need to complete the traditional public ritual, conducted by Assistant Goddess PK.

13. If it comes to your attention that a sister is feeling down and out, or sick, it is then your task to see that you take personal responsibility for posting (and/or delegating the posting of) a card, state what is wrong with the sister (sparing too much private detail), and asking others to sign it. Cards are to be placed in main feed.

14.  If Goddess Cathy brings a new member to the site, other members will please allow Her the opportunity to get to know, or be close/intimate with, that member first, before others do. Goddess Cathy will also then supervise the new member until She sees fit to guide her to a house, etc. Likewise, if a family Domme brings a new sub, please show respect for the  process of that Domme guiding her and/or taking her into Her house. Any subs who have joined PGW on their own should be required to get acquainted with family Dommes over time, not rushed nor pushed in any one direction. Subs should be auditioning for Dommes, not the other way around.

15. Sexually exclusive girlfriend/wife relationships constitute a direct conflict of interest from D/s lifestyle here and are therefore grounds to prohibit participation in the Sophia Family

16. Membership in this group is restricted and requires strict adherence to our Code of Values. Any member violating said code will be removed forthwith, and remanded back to the general outer family only.

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