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(those listed as independent or trainees may not be full family members but pledges.

* Site created  by Team Panda: Cathy & Emerald Sophia

SUPREME HOUSE: (governing body of site/family)
Supreme Goddess Cathy Sophia (Alpha/Admin/Site Owner)
Samantha Katsumi Sophia (chat moderator)
Ana Sophia (chat moderator)
Angel Sakiko Sophia (chat moderator)
Tamara Amaya Sophia (chat moderator)
Renee Sophia (chat moderator)
Beth Nyoko Sophia (chat moderator)


Goddess Cathy “Yuki” Sophia (Alpha)
Tamara Amaya Sophia (slave)
Angel Sakiko Sophia (Beta)
Bethie Nyoko Sophia (collared sub)
Cynthia Cruise (sub)
Vanessa “Junko” Wright (sub)
Gwen Smit (sub)


Mistress Renee Sophia (Alpha)
Sammie “Gaki” Sophia (sub)
Holly Sophia (sub)

Mistress Lexi Martinez (Alpha)
Kat “Kit Kat” Schmalling (sub)

Mistress Ana Sophia (Alpha)
Stef Ryder (sub)
Lauren Tyler (sub)

Mistress Sabrina Kolowski Sophia (Alpha)
Ariana Reyes (sub)
Mary O’Brien (sub)
Kirsten Adams (sub)

Nadja Shayden  (D)
Laura Lalo Lohans (D)
Kari Wagner (D)
Samantha Sophia (D)
Emma Greenland 
Kirsten Adams (sub)
Whitney Steele (sub)
Helen Akari Murdoch (sub)
Iva Wynterhaven (sub)
Sarah Christoph (sub)
Laura Flower (sub)

Anita Dudnick (switch)
Brooke (sub)

Mandi “Hikari” Lane (D)
Lucy Karlovy (sub)
Emily Bailey (sub)
Candi Sophia (D)
Ruby Etsuko James (D)
Luci Bataan (sub)
Megan Reynolds (switch)
Kayla Martin (RS)
Ashleigh Newcombe (GC)
Sammi Appleton (GC)
Adriana Lara Campbell (D)


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