It has been brought to my attention that certain rumors have been, for some time now, circulating with regard to some of our policies at PlanetGirlWorld.Com. I am writing this note, to finally and hopefully put to rest, the silly rumors that have been circulating among a few people from the cyberfight community, mainly on trillian and discord. 

First and foremost, PGW is not a cyberfight community. While we do have a group dedicated to that interest, our membership is maybe 30% fighters, and the rest, mainly Dominance and submission, BDSM, and fantasy role-play of a non-fighting nature. That being said we are unsure as to why this has some real effect on fighters. Everyone is welcome at PGW, all that is needed is to identify as your particular gender within the realm of the descriptive term of  “women”. 

Nevertheless, I will attempt to clarify our terms of service, our policies, and address the scary rumors about our site, which are, to say the least, false.

Question: is PGW run by “Alt Hunters”?

Not only do we not understand that term but we have never gone around the internet seeking out role-players or fighters who use multiple accounts. We respect every person’s right to play as they wish, and have no desire to expose nor otherwise deride people outside of our walls. However, within our walls, we do have a term of service that may affect you if you wish to register for our site. PGW does not allow more than one account per member, for reasons explained in our site rules, that only pertain to our community. 

Question: Do the admins of PGW “harvest IP addresses”.?

I googled this term and found out one definition had to do with plants, and the other had to do with Intellectual Property. Of course admins of literally any community site, be it freecatfights or even, have access to member information such as their IP addresses. I am not sure what harvesting means, but we absolutely will review such information if and when we suspect someone has broken our rule regarding multiple accounts. This is to ensure the safety of our membership. Ours is a community that places value on not being played nor manipulated by a possibly predatory member who seeks to bully or harm another. Again, we understand and respect the need for some role-players to use multiple accounts, we just have a preference against it within our site. 

Question: Do PGW admins blackmail members?

Emphatically no, and never. While blackmail is a listed interest/fetish on our site for members to choose when filling our their profiles, we do not EVER in a realistic way, blackmail our members. Not even sure what reason or context that would happen within, but rest assured its never happened, not even once. I recently saw a blog entry where someone claimed that “Cathy outs males who do not join her pay site”. This is hilarious, as I have no pay site. I have a separate site dedicated to my pro domme career as an Erotic Hypnotist, but that too as completely free to join, and while it has a store, selling my hypnosis files, as well as the ability to book me for a live session, all of this is optional. Both my sites are free of charge.

Question: How come people are still talking about how dangerous PGW is?

All I can say is, I know of only maybe 4 people who have repeatedly griped about PGW. 2 of them are my ex-girlfriends, who still act completely loving and warm to my face, in the rare event I run into them on trillian, an app I rarely even use these days. And the other 2-3 are members who caused an enormous amount of drama and trouble, and sadly we just have to ban some members. I am quite sure literally every discord server or member site has had to ban some bad apples, but the general rule is, if you listen to banned members of any site, they will invariably seek revenge and badmouth the site from which they were removed. 

Question: Does PGW hack people via their IP address to find out their real identities and/or dox them?

Of course not. We don’t even know that it is possible to “hack” someone just from an IP address. None of us are hackers and this is literally the last thing on our minds. While we are aware that members of PGW are mostly males, this is a fantasy site for fun. The last thing we do is worry about the real life person behind the mask. 

In closing I would like to ask that people no longer based their silly judgements on rumors and hyperbole, and either come join us in the fun and see for yourself what goes on, or simply ask a member who is NOT currently banned :). I am sure you will learn a lot of positives to balance out the lies and negatives you may have been hearing. To that effect we have started a new Member Testimonial page that can be view by the public, without being a member. In fact, we have now, for the first time, enabled most of our site to be viewable by the public, so check out our site structure and see it for yourself. 

Our site rules and mission statement is here.

Our member testimonial page is here.

Thanks for reading this note and have fun out there,


Cathy “Yuki” Sophia (my character name)


Goddess Cathy Venus (my pro domme name)

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