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Remember the sweet, innocent girl who Goddess Kayla took under Her wing so kindly, only for her to turn on U/us all, and point the finger of judgement, and spread rumors about O/our beloved Beth? Mmhmm, accused My wonderful Beth of having fake pics, in fact cast us all to hell because some of us use “avatars” to play and get our fun on.

Well, she was so utterly disgusted, and of course so very REAL-LIFE, that she forgot to confess that she is not who SHE claimed to be, and in fact is a big old phoney baloney herself.

The actual girl whose pics she uses is called Princess Heidi, also from Australia (is that where “Katie” is from actually? hmmm)

Exhibit A:



  1. Elisabeth Hailey Sophia (Best Ever To Have) 8 years ago

    Ironic to say the least it was so horrible she called me so many things and she was gonna bring me down and expose me well all I have to say is EXPOSED…what a hypocritical sad excuse for someone I used to call my friend

  2. Summer Sophia 8 years ago

    I agree with you Beth. You tend to find the ones that have a mission to expose fakes are generally the most fake. I guess karma catches up. I’m certainly very pleased that this loser and the losers that are associated with her are now gone. Thanks to Goddess Cathy for looking out for us and protecting us.

  3. Linda Marie Hanson 8 years ago

    The irony is sweet. She chose to stab us in the back over something she was guilty of herself, and so she reveals just how trustworthy and true she is. Good riddance, I feel totally betrayed by someone I loved so dearly. More fool me. Thank you Goddess Cathy and Goddess Emerald for showing us the way.

  4. Tamara Jennings 8 years ago

    All I can say is she is getting what she deserves. She chose to attack those of who truly tried to help her out. Good riddance to her. Thank you Goddess Cathy and Goddess Emerald. She played games with the wrong people.

  5. KARMA!!!!!!!

  6. Kayla Sophia 8 years ago

    I regret ever meeting the girl and bringing her into the fold

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