PGW News: Chat 4.0 will begin today!!!!

Get ready for an all new chat experience with Chat 4.0 here on PlanetGirlWorld.
iFlyChat Plugin 4.0.0 is scheduled to be released on 22 July 2016 UTC. (click this link to read) 


This plugin update includes a completely new chat app, written from scratch. It includes a host of new features:
• Single Web App for all the devices
• Refreshing new UI of Popup and Embed formats
• Improved workflow of various functionalities such as group chat, user moderation, content moderation, etc
• User Profile Card
• Tooltips and Overlays for better user experience
• New Emojis
• Virtually no load on your website server via token caching
• Handle guest sessions over cloud
• Support for 30+ languages