Future of PGW

Dear members,

Apologies for having some tech issues recently, as well as not keeping things up to date, but the site is now fully back and updated. After 10 great years, and much reflection and research, I have decided that the traditional function of PGW must come to an end. I will be keeping the site online, but gradually phasing out the chat and chatroom functionalities, and dedicating this space to becoming more of a directory, a place to keep our profiles and content, as well as to meet and connect, rather than a place to chat. PGW will still have site mail messaging, but the chatrooms and chat functions, while very much improved from the old system, must be closed down within the next few months. Recent trends dictate that people would rather enjoy chatting on apps such as discord. Soon I will be constructing a new community on discord, where chatting and chat groups work much easier, and are thriving; it’s just too difficult to keep chatrooms active on a website these days, and God knows we have tried! So please, by all means, keep posting your photos, update your profiles etc. here, but you are very welcome to come visit our discord server and reconnect with us there: https://discord.gg/B3wTmeFy

Our PGW discord server will also soon change, as we create a new community, which will be dedicated to Erotic D/s, which has long been the central interest of members here. I am working on some technological advances that may enable this site to be directly connected to our discord server, so stay tuned for that! I am very excited at our new prospects and am sure everyone will enjoy what lies in the future for us!

Thank you all for 10 amazing years on Planet Girl World.

Love you all,

Cathy xoxo

Chat Support: Friends only?

Attention members: Your chat widget can create a conversation with any member, not just friends. However, the friends tab will still display your friends only. To start a conversation with someone who is not your friend, simply use the chat composition icon as seen below, and you can also search all site members to select the recipient.

There is also a setting on mobile you may be interested in whereby you can control who can message you for a chat. (see below):

Hope this helps!


Tutorial: How to check who is in Chat

Some members have been a bit confused as to how to check to see who, if anyone is online when they are.
There are 2 main ways currently, to see who is available for you to chat with.

I. Public Chatroom: At the very top of the Public Chatroom, simply click the participant icon as seen here:

This will reveal the following list, and as you can see, the very top names have a small green dot, which signifies they are online and active. You can also see the number of members online. In this case there is seven.

II. Chat Widget: The chat widget is your handy list which has 3 tabs: Messages, Friends, and Groups. Please click the friends tab, and you will notice the top friends in your list are actually those who are currently online and active. For now, yes you must add a friend first to be able to chat.

I hope this clears things up. If you still have questions, just ask one of our chat moderators and they will help you, thanks and enjoy!

Site Mail and Chat icons fixed

Just wanted to mention that the confusing issue with the two envelope icons has been fixed now. So, from now on, remember, you can check and use site mail messaging system by using the mail or envelope icon on your profile toolbar (left side on desktop), and you can view and use your chat messages by utilizing the chat bubble icon. Any other issues or suggestions just let me know! Enjoy and tell everyone you know about PGW 2.0!

Attention: Inbox Messages

Today we learned a couple of things about our inbox messaging system.

1) make sure to click on the SUBJECT to view your messages, then you can reply. Do not click on the sender’s name or anything else, or it reroutes you.

2) Be sure your nicknake doesn’t have any odd lettering or punctuation marks that may confuse the site’s database. I was trying to message someone and their nickname would not pop up like normal, but instead formed some code…

3) The main question I have been receiving is how to even check inbox messages.  Do not just click on the blue envelope symbol, you have to actually click to see messages, so be aware of that. There are 2 interfaces where you can do so, the top right corner, after hovering over your account name/info, and also on your actual profile page, where you have a complete dashboard of stuff you can do :)

This should help if anyone is running into problems!

Cathy xoxo