Castle of Sensual Hierarchy

Castle of Sensual Hierarchy Discord Server

(Rules of Conduct/Getting Set Up)

Welcome to Castle of Sensual Hierarchy. W/we are a female-based D/s community, specializing in the Erotic Arts, with a competitive edge. Here is how to get set up to be able to have permission to view all public channels:

1) Read the rules channel, and then simply click on the thumbs-up 👍 emoji at the end.
2) Verify your membership role in the ⁠D/s-role-verification channel by using the drop down menu.
3) Next, please select all your D/s interests in the interests channel by clicking any pertinent emojis.
4) Then, click the emoji that represents your birth sign our zodiac signs channel.
5) Last, please request permission by posting a pic of your visual model in the model registry channel, then you are good to go!

Here is the invite link to go back to our server rules channel.
Enjoy the fun! {Below is a copy of our server rules that you can save as a reference point by bookmarking this link.}


  1. Members must be at least 21 years of age. Members should identify as female, for purposes of role-play.
  1. Show respect for every member. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Drama will be met by a kick or a ban. Take personal arguments private. Don’t personally attack someone in public. Respect toward the moderator team is mandatory. No bullying, harassment, or aggressive behavior. CSH has a zero tolerance policy toward racist, sexist, homophobic behavior. Please avoid religious or political discussion in the public channels.
  1. Dominance and submission culture and protocol should be observed and will be strictly enforced. Try to refer to all Dominants as Miss, Mistress, Goddess, where appropriate, and spelled with Capital letters. Subs should be referred to with lowercase letters.
  1. Roles: please verify roles regarding D/s persona, interests and zodiac in the appropriate channels by reacting with emoji. This will help other members understand how to refer to you as well as finding those with common interests.
  1. Before taking a sub, a Domme, or a girlfriend, communicate with anyone who might be affected. For example, the last person who previously owned the sub/last girlfriend. Register all such relationships in the #relationship-registry channel! The Sophia Elite Family is the premiere D/s family on the server. Wanna join us? Simply speak to a member, denoted by Sophia Family role on their server profile.
  1. Unless already approved, please do U/us the courtesy of listing your proposed model (your role-play avatar) in the #model-registry channel!
  1. Try to avoid bombarding a new person and overwhelming them. Be friendly but cordial, and allow the person who introduced them to the server to acclimate them.
  1. Playing in public channels can be fun, and is encouraged, as long as it doesn’t disrupt more important happenings, such as public ceremonies or an admin speaking to the membership.
  1. Each member is limited to one account only. CSH does not encourage multiple accounts.

Chat Support: Friends only?

Attention members: Your chat widget can create a conversation with any member, not just friends. However, the friends tab will still display your friends only. To start a conversation with someone who is not your friend, simply use the chat composition icon as seen below, and you can also search all site members to select the recipient.

There is also a setting on mobile you may be interested in whereby you can control who can message you for a chat. (see below):

Hope this helps!


Tutorial: How to check who is in Chat

Some members have been a bit confused as to how to check to see who, if anyone is online when they are.
There are 2 main ways currently, to see who is available for you to chat with.

I. Public Chatroom: At the very top of the Public Chatroom, simply click the participant icon as seen here:

This will reveal the following list, and as you can see, the very top names have a small green dot, which signifies they are online and active. You can also see the number of members online. In this case there is seven.

II. Chat Widget: The chat widget is your handy list which has 3 tabs: Messages, Friends, and Groups. Please click the friends tab, and you will notice the top friends in your list are actually those who are currently online and active. For now, yes you must add a friend first to be able to chat.

I hope this clears things up. If you still have questions, just ask one of our chat moderators and they will help you, thanks and enjoy!