Tutorial: How to check who is in Chat

Some members have been a bit confused as to how to check to see who, if anyone is online when they are.
There are 2 main ways currently, to see who is available for you to chat with.

I. Public Chatroom: At the very top of the Public Chatroom, simply click the participant icon as seen here:

This will reveal the following list, and as you can see, the very top names have a small green dot, which signifies they are online and active. You can also see the number of members online. In this case there is seven.

II. Chat Widget: The chat widget is your handy list which has 3 tabs: Messages, Friends, and Groups. Please click the friends tab, and you will notice the top friends in your list are actually those who are currently online and active. For now, yes you must add a friend first to be able to chat.

I hope this clears things up. If you still have questions, just ask one of our chat moderators and they will help you, thanks and enjoy!

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@peepso_user_1032(Vanessa Junko Wright (GC))
Thank you Goddess, very helpful
@peepso_user_1042(Bethie Nyoko Electa {GC}❄️)
Thank you so much Goddess ❄️🩸