In case some do not know, here are My basic rules for MY subs, no-one else’s:

1) Q: What is the first great care of Supreme House?

    A: To see that Goddess is attended and cared for at ALL times!

Goddess Cathy is your first priority, not others. All joy in D/s comes from service. Nothing will function in this house without prioritizing Goddess. Do not play with others until you have pleased Goddess; Do not even speak to others if I am under duress, unless it is to solve issues with regard to Goddess. Goddess is to be attended in public (Family Room) at all times, if you are busy and need to leave, you are responsible for delegating others to do so. Subs must check in, personally with Goddess upon logging onto the site AND must check in personally if and when Goddess arrives on the site as well! 

2) My subs are allowed to play freely with other site members, without permission, however only if Goddess is present, then permission must be asked. She is first priority.

3) No ownership nor worship of other Dommes in public or otherwise. No collarings or collar play. No BDSM play without special permission. Do not kneel for another Domme!

4) Transparency: meaning you ask or tell Goddess what you are doing with others. If I am not around or busy, leave Me a note. This is known as reporting; any time you play with another site member, I am to be notified.

5) Periodic tributes should be made in the form of creative expression; ie: either a nice public post to Me, or something artistic, etc. I should be made to feel loved and adored by My own submissives, otherwise why have you as Mine?

6) Any of My subs must maintain a presence in the Chatrooms, primarily the Public Chat, and you are expected to help the site at all times. My subs are not meant for the lobby. First Priority is to attend to Goddess Cathy. in Family Chat. If She is attended to in chat then attend to any family Dommes left unattended.

7) Scening/playing on kik is not allowed. You are a submissive of Goddess Cathy, and should represent our house values, such as playing in the public rooms if appropriate, or at least playing on the site. W/we use kik as a way to stay in touch, nothing more.

8) If I am giving you My time, one-on-one, you will not chat nor play nor message anyone else during that time. O/our alone-time should be the priority. Occasional attentiveness and response in the Chatrooms is ok but not any distraction in the form of conversation with another member.

9) If Goddess Cathy brings a new member to the site, subs will please allow Her the opportunity to get to know, or be close/intimate with, that member first, before Her subs do.

10) Submissives collared to Goddess Cathy no longer are required to serve Dommes in public other than Supreme Goddess Cathy.

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